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WordPress has changed the way we use to think about the blogging platform. Not many people know about it, but WordPress based websites and blogs are all over the Internet, 33% to be exact. WordPress has not only opened up opportunities, and it has evolved into an essential blog to an advanced level shopping site so here ARMember provide all the features which user want related membership.

There are so many plugins available for the WordPress that will blow your mind because the possibilities that open’s up is massive. Over the years, designing a community website cost you thousands of dollars, but you no longer have to spend that much on it because you can do it yourself.

ArMember Plugin Review

ARMember is a WordPress plugin, which enables a WordPress user to set up a community membership site. You can set up several things like adding a login form, profile form, sign up form, WordPress membership  plugin directory, and plan selection.

*1 Demo Version

Every legit company allows their customers to try out the demo version or trial version to learn about it and make their final decision. Customers need to both pros and cons of the product. Fortunately, ARMember plugin has enabled you to access and experience the demo version of their demo site.

Step 1: Now go to Demo. ARMember site


Step 2: Now login with the credentials as the highlight in the image.

Step 3: You can see that the demo version is giving you access to the ARMember ship plugin functions.

*2 Features & Functions


We will walk you through the basic functions and the interface so that you can understand the product better and use it to full potential when you try the demo. So let’s begin.
The good side of the plugin is that you don’t need any technical knowledge and dive into the customizations from the start.

1- Public Profile


As you can see in the image below, you have a profile page, which is not complicated and very simple to understand.

⦁ Your name will be displayed or the users.
⦁ Users can add a profile picture.
⦁ Everyone can see the username, which will help other users recognize the person faster.
⦁ Email, first and last name, profile display name, and date of joining can be seen

The second option is to edit the profile. You can edit all of that information, which means you have full control over the profile information.

2 – Membership Tools

The plugin is known for high-end membership tool that is coupled with WooCommerce plugin to make the subscription process much more easier. The elegant designs and premium features will help you design the structure of your site the way you want it to be.
Here are the features you get when you opt for the premium version.
⦁ Easy Member Management
⦁ Multiple Payment Gateways
⦁ Drip/Scheduled Content Facility
⦁ Unlimited Plans With Trial Period Option
⦁ Content Restriction Flexibility
⦁ Social Login/connect
⦁ Member Profile & Directory Templates
⦁ Opt-ins (Email Marketers)
⦁ and much more.


The plugin is available for $39, which is reasonable for small companies, institutions, and for students to start their own start-up company. The number of features and the plugin has been designed for non-programmers which will save a lot of time and money for the premium users. Let us know what do you think about the ARMember in the comment section.

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